What Is Progressive Dispensationalism?

"The more biblical affirmations that can be affirmed without resorting to hermeneutical gymnastics should be affirmed—and the more biblical material that can be held together without resorting to theological gymnastics should be held together—wouldn’t you agree?" - Kenneth Berding

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And have corresponded with Dr. Berding. He has a book on the Spiritual Gifts that I plan to read. Very gracious conversation. I recommend reading his other entries as well. Very thoughtful.


Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

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This is a very clear presentation of Progressive Dispensationalism.   Progressive Dispensationalism is very wholistic -- both/and rather than either/or.  Since I adopted this viewpoint, so many Scriptures fall into place hermeneutically -- without being forced.  Sadly, it is not a fad position, so it is usually ignored by both competing camps.


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