Ravi Zacharias Dies of Cancer

"He preached in more than 70 countries and authored more than 30 books in his 48-year career, teaching Christians to engage with skeptics and arguing that the Christian worldview has robust answers to humanity’s existential questions." - CToday


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I would listen to him sometimes and think several things:

1- I wish this guy quoted more Scripture...

2- I often thought, yeah, that's true...

3- And other times I thought, ugh...

4- Then I'd wonder why this guy always used people with Imperial accents (Canadian, Australian, British, Caribbean) and never Americans on his radio broadcast (and speakers mostly) even though he was supposedly based in Atlanta (just a small observation)

5- Then sadly, the scandals at the end (sexual/emotional relationship with the woman that was never clearly explained and just dropped by most, and then the supposed cover-up of an abortion of his brother's girlfriend back in the 1970's...)


I did at times learn interesting things from him, and I did appreciate the sum of his ministry.

One thing that sticks out was just a year or two ago there was a broadcast of a conference he was at with a lot of heavy hitters on radio, in a panel discussion about why youth were leaving the church, and he added something to this effect which broadened it out in my mind to the whole church, "the reason people backslide, so to speak, is because they never really encounter the Lord Jesus face to face. It's more intellectual belief or acceptance than a real relationship. It takes time in the Bible and prayer to encounter Jesus. But when you do, you are changed and no one and nothing can take that away from you." (Loose paraphrase of what I remember)



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I personally never followed Ravi but there is no doubt he was saved and preached the gospel. I'm sorry to hear he suffered cancer and died.  I have no knowledge of his preaching.  

I read an  article about Ravi on the Spiritual Sounding Board.  Let just say the writer wanted Evangelicals to be honest about the man before Canonizing Ravi.  It laid out the abuse allegation mentioned above but also laid out how Ravi in nice words erroneously presented himself as something he wasn't educationally.  All in all to me the women thing sounded like two adults who had a fling that went array which is wrong and sinful.  Still not earth shattering compared to others    The other issue dealt with his resume   

Lets be honest guys we all have embellished our resumes a bit to one degree or another but Ravi made claims about his Credentials which were greatly exaggerated.  Like he went to Cambridge; he was a Prof  at Oxford; studied some kind of physics with a renowned physicist and mathematician.  It was a number of exaggerated claims.  I forget all the details.   Basically he was puffing himself up to sell himself.  

The thrust of the article is now the Catholics are being honest about their heros exposed after death why can't the Evangelicals do the same.    The writer claimed the Catholics were honest about Jean Vanier after he was exposed so why should not the Evangelicals do the same The writer cited 1 Timothy 5:20 as a biblical guideline concerning these matters   The writer claimed to be an Attorney and a part time student at a Dominican Seminary.  That's my input.  Bert feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.  I always depend on your great  Intellect and wit to clarify matters. Something I don't obviously possess