Migrants In Sweden Suspected Of Converting To Christianity To Get Asylum

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One wonders how many fundagelical Christians in the U.S. would fail these tests......especially the question about differences between Protestant and Orthodox Christianity.  Lessee....Orthodox priests have better beards than all but neo-Calvinist Protestants?  :^)

(seriously, I know about the Orthodox position on tradition, faith plus works, and the like, too, but I'm guessing a lot wouldn't even be able to get that much)

You can make the claim that it's well intentioned, but I would dare suggest it's going to operate a lot like the poll taxes and voter questionaires in the Jim Crow South.  Or....given that similarity...maybe it's not so well intentioned after all. 

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I can see it now - would-be insurgents studying the Belgic Confession so they can pass their test!

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