Jerry Falwell, Jr. Calls Russell Moore Out, Says He's Part of the 'SBC Deep State'

"Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, Jr. took to Twitter late Monday night to call Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission president Russell Moore to the carpet." - Christian Headlines

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Wally, I can't answer authoritatively, and I'm about the furthest thing from a "woke" Christian there is, but I would guess that many of the instances of the issues you mention (especially homelessness) can be traced to poverty as one of the root causes, after sin, of course.  If so, that would mean that in its proper place (way down from the gospel) helping to reduce it to some extent (or at least helping to alleviate it, so we aren't saying "depart, be ye warmed and filled") could possibly help combat a number of problems.

Dave, you might be surprised to know that most black conservative evangelicals view being "woke" this way.    You might be more "woke" than you think.