United Methodist Court Keeps Core of New LGBT Legislation

"Traditional Plan survives legal review, but could still set the UMC on path to division over gay marriage and clergy as Judicial Council also approves exit plan for dissenting churches." - Christianity Today

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The board rejected any attempts to actually compel bishops and others to adhere to the policy.  It's going to be a really ugly fight, because the dynamics are, as far as I can tell, most U.S. churches on the liberal side vs. most churches in developing countries--and the latter depend on the former for a lot of support.    Wesley is, rhetorically speaking, spinning in his grave right now.  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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“Traditionalists believe we have the votes to fully pass and implement the rest of the Traditional Plan at General Conference 2020. With Africa gaining votes and the U.S. losing votes, and with the full ten-day time frame available, revised versions of the provisions that failed to pass in St. Louis or are declared unconstitutional by the Judicial Council can be passed and implemented. The denomination can continue to move in a more traditional direction, opening the way for other reforms that can make the church more effective for 21st century ministry. Why would traditionalists leave when their prospects for further success in reforming the church are growing increasingly brighter?”


David R. Brumbelow