Undercover Christian Family in Jerusalem Outed for ‘Covert Missionary’ Work

"A Christian family who reportedly integrated into an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in Jerusalem is being outed for conducting missionary work in Israel and thereby breaking the country’s anti-proselytizing law." - C.Leaders

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I think there is a fine line to be crossed between "when in Rome" and "I am all things to all people", and deliberate deceit of others.  In this case, "Michael"  (the father) crossed the line by even posing as a rabbi and mohel, and enrolling his children in the ultra-orthodox school.   It appears that "Mrs. Michael" even posed as the descendant of Holocaust survivors, and the family lived off charity from the community for a while.

In doing this, they ironically undercut their witness because they could not openly speak of Christ in the way any gentile could.  There are great ways to reach closed countries; this does not appear to be it, in my opinion.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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I agree Bert. I never understand how these things are justified. It's an obvious case of lying.