12,000 Boy Scouts members were victims of sexual abuse from thousands of leaders, expert says

"More than 12,000 Boy Scout members have been victims of childhood sexual abuse at the hands of 7,819 allegedly sexually abusive troop leaders and volunteers, according to an analysis of long-held records in the organization known as the 'perversion files.'” - Christian Post

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I saw an article saying that the # of victims may be a lot higher because the BSA documented the already known victims, but is not said to have poked around to find out who else might have been molested.   Most likely numbers get up into a hundred thousand kids or more.

Also scary; these numbers were released as the Minnesota Children's Theater was being sued--they were not assessed to be liable because the abuse happened at a private home and other reasons, but this hits close to home.  Finally, it's very sad that the reports are from as recently as 2016.  Now I don't have the # of cases vs. time, but this would indicate that as good as the Boy Scout sexual abuse program may be, there are still some significant gaps.  

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