The New 'Red Line' Christians in China Are Being Warned Not to Cross

"Christians in China are being forced to adhere to revised regulations on religion that were implemented in February which has led to strict government controls on their everyday lives. . . . Some of the most notable restrictions prohibit parents from bringing their children to church, while religious venues are banned from holding training sessions." CPost

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If indeed it is correct that Christianity is now practiced by up to 10% of the population in China, this is the end game for the Communist Party in China.  They have been looking the other way as house churches grew along with economic freedom, and the Politburo has got to be getting nervous as they realize that more and more of their subjects are getting used to making decisions for themselves.  

In other words, the crackdowns may actually be a good sign of a desperate regime.  Or it could foretend a huge crackdown and even a bloodbath.

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