MSNBC Analyst Asks Christians: ‘If Jesus Is So Great, Why Aren’t You Nicer?’

"The incident in Fort Dodge, Iowa, when two protesters shouted 'Sodom and Gomorrah' toward Buttigieg, who is openly gay and identifies as Christian, prompted a bit of a rebuke from MSNBC analyst Zerlina Maxwell" - Faithwire

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"If Jesus is so great, why aren't you nicer?"

Very good question.  

David R. Brumbelow

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Why would someone quote/allude to Scripture to condemn something if they didn't at least see themselves as some sort of Christian? Sadly, they'll find an audience that's only too eager to accept the implication that these haters are Christians.

(But are they Christians? There is certainly reason to doubt that!)

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It strikes me that Randall Terry types play into the trap set for them by theological liberals and secularists by how they act.  Instead of letting Buggigieg speak and confronting him on issues (he's not come up with many yet) and the current status of South Bend (violent crime is up ~25% since he started), just get personal and give everyone a chance to beat on an entire religion for that.

With brilliance like that, it's no surprise that Terry has been shown the door at Right to Life, a few churches, and such.  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Mayor Pete is gonna have a problem dealing with African-Americans since he forced out South Bend's first African-American Police Chief (Boykins) but didn't put any pressure to even investigate the police officers who were recorded saying racist things about Boykins. Boykins had reprimanded these officers for their racist comments, but these same officers contacted the FBI, thinking that Boykins had used illegal wiretaps on them. It turned out he hadn't and Boykins was cleared of any wrongdoing but rather the recordings were legal. The FBI investigation made Buttigieg nervous so he pre-maturely forced out Boykins, requesting his resignation. When it came out that Boykins was cleared of any wrongdoing and that he had the support of the black community, Boykins rescinded his resignation, but Buttigieg said he could have a job with the SB police as a captain. Buttigieg's lack of discernment and not letting the FBI investigation play out before making any major decision cost the city a lawsuit, which Boykins won against Buttigieg and the city of South Bend for Racial Animous towards him. And it furthered racial division and distrust among blacks and whites in South Bend. My point is that he makes himself out to be a liberal champion of civil rights, but fumbled the ball when he had a chance to do the right thing in real life.

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Assuming you have described the incident correctly, it sounds like Buttigieg is guilty of what Democrats claim President Trump did, which is impede an investigation by firing the boss. Interesting. I hadn't heard that.