3 Reasons I Changed My Mind About Penal Substitution

"Three significant things have shaped my thinking about the death of Christ, and I’m now much closer to where I started than I imagined I might be." - TGC

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To me, the idea that Christ died to pay the penalty for our sins is a fundamental and I cannot see how one can claim to be an evangelical and deny this truth.

We have sadly put other truths about this truth that is so crucial to the Gospel.

If we waffle over that which the Scripture is clear and that which is central ot the Gospel, what do the lesser things really matter?


"The Midrash Detective"

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Whenever I read writers making the claim that God judges sin like a bully, 9 times out of 10, what they are really saying is that God makes too big a deal of sin. Then they go on to describe their unorthodox interpretations resulting in a god of their own making--a god whose role is to affirm people no matter what their choices, and who only gets bent out of shape over sin when its a big one like murder. Their god winks and chuckles at the 'small' stuff.