“the categories that form the basis for penal substitutionary atonement do not arise from an ‘Enlightenment worldview’ or from the interpretive biases of a Western judicial framework”

"It seems that Wu misunderstands what we mean, however, when we say that biblical categories must take precedence over cultural ones (and when we imply that honor / shame proponents elevate cultural categories over biblical ones)." - 9 Marks

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I appreciated the series, and thanks for the link to the first installment. Penal substitution seems to be continually under attack, mostly in subtle ways, but sometimes very directly. Glad to see some smart guys pushing back.

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The little guy in the avatar with me is now 10. Yesterday we had this short exchange:

Me: in LWW, when Aslan had to die, why did he have to die?
Gabe: In Edmund’s place, so Edmund wouldn’t have to die and the prophecy wouldn’t take place.
Me: and when he died, who was he dying to make a payment to?
Gabe: the deep magic. 
Me: are you sure it wasn’t a payment to the white witch?  Wasn’t she the one demanding the death?
Gabe: but she could only make that demand because of the deep magic.