Michele Bachmann Says We Will ‘Never See a More Godly, Biblical President’ Than Trump

"Former Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) said recently the U.S. has never seen and will never again see a president “more godly” than the thrice-married reality TV star Donald Trump." - FaithWire

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Word study needed on "godly."

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Yeah.  I did vote for Trump, from a political standpoint, but these people that see Trump as faithful, godly, or any kind of religious example (except in the chapter "Don't do this!") scare me.  Just goes to show what a "Christian culture" really means these days -- nothing.  In the words of the object of this discussion: "Sad!"

Dave Barnhart

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You could see "we'll never see a more Godly, Biblical President than Trump" as something of a curse of our nation--an ugly reality that should depress us.  Except for the fact that Bachmann is apparently telling us to look back, too.   Sad to say, Bachmann is one who have lost her way in many regards here.  

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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Joeb wrote:

On this subject I will agree with Aaron. To me he bests represents my opinion on this area regarding Donald Trump.  

Joe, you're scaring me! Shock

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I actually listen to Understanding the Times fairly frequently, and agree with Jan Markell's on most Scriptural topics.  I just scanned through last weekend's program to find Michelle's statement and see whether or not Jan pushed back.  Sadly, she did not.

I have a Friend on Facebook who is a veteran and retired IFBx pastor.  During the 2016 campaign, he boarded the Trump train big-time.  After the election, he called the Electoral College vote a "landslide," which I disputed, to no avail.  I'm concerned about the number of Christian Trump supporters who, because DJT takes the right stand on many issues, just blindly heap praise on the guy.  And now I must include Michelle Bachmann, whom I I admire in many ways, in that group.

I was  #NoseHolderForTrump in 2016 and will probably be one again next year.


Rick Franklin Gresham, Oregon Romans 8:38-39

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Ironically, she may be right, if looking at the current crop of contenders is any indication. Which is to say nothing good about Trump. It simply indicates how very bad the selection is.

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I am glad that the President is strongly pro-life, has protected our schools from the LGBTQ edicts by President Obama, is trying to secure our border against illegal entry, has greatly strengthened our military and economy, strongly supports our police, has initiated sensible prison reform, supports capitalism over against socialism, and stands strongly for religious liberty and the second amendment.  Though  President Trump shows signs of common grace and remorse for some of his most egregious remarks, I do not see in him the necessary signs of regenerating grace.  Also, I have seen no signs of public repentance for personal sins which have now been made public. He needs to be regenerated by the grace of God through the Gospel of God via the Holy Spirit.  Even Mike Pence does not affirm that Trump is a true believer.  

Pastor Mike Harding