On the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

"April 19, 1943 was ... the first day of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising when entrapped Polish Jews, mostly young people, began an armed guerilla-style urban battle with crude weapons against German General Jürgen Stroop and his elite SS troops" RNS

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The DC Councilman who claimed that rich Jews control the weather on behalf of the Rothschilds has followed up with a visit to the Holocaust Museum in DC, where he suggested that SS men humiliating a girl who'd dated a Jew were "protecting" her, and his aide compared the Warsaw Ghetto to a gated community.  

Really, this goes beyond the question of whether young people today know about the Holocaust, but rather establishes that people can look straight at the evidence today and come up with complete nonsense theories to avoid contemplating that evidence's implications.  That is sobering.

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