K. Marshall Williams to Nominate J.D. Greear for Second Term as SBC President

"In these troublesome and turbulent times, we need a pastor-preacher-prophet that will stand in the gap and lead with confident, consistent, convictional, Christo-centric, courageous courtesy" - BPNews

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Wally, I am pretty sure they are using the word "prophet" is the sense of a dynamic preacher whp speaks boldy into culture rather than in the senseĀ of special revelation.

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"boldly into the culture" . . . Yes, I imagine many in the SBC view him as a modern-day deliverer who will rescue the SBC from decline, even though he has raised many questions concerning comments & decisions he has made. He is definitely leading the SBC in a different direction, one that many associated with the Conservative Resurgence have doubts about (even though they are tactful in their comments about him). I never intended to suggest "special revelation", only suggesting that he is not a "prophet" and to give him that label is unwise.

Wally Morris

Charity Baptist Church

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