J.D. Greear

JD Greear urges pastors not to call VP Kamala Harris ‘Jezebel,' but to pray for her

"Greear’s guidance comes in the wake of SBC’s pastors, including SBC Executive Committee member Steve Swofford, referring to the vice president by the term." - C.Post

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“JD Greear, Omar Suleiman to discuss Christian-Muslim relations at NC college”

"...students will hear Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear and Yaqeen Institute founder Imam Omar Suleiman discuss how evangelicals and Muslims can find a way forward 'in a time of unprecedented division and distrust.' The conversation, hosted by the Veritas Forum... is co-sponsored by the school’s Muslim Students Association, its Cru and InterVarsity clubs, and Neighborly Faith" - RNS

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Grace vs. truth and the transgender pronoun debate: What should Christians do?

"In other words, if I address a biological male as 'she' I am not telling the truth. But, Pastor Greear believes, I am being generous in spirit towards this individual. This position is echoed by Prof. Preston Sprinkle, also cited by Greear, who advocates 'pronoun hospitality.'" - Christian Post

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Southern Baptists Torn Between Bold Abuse Reforms and Caution

"Those concerned about abuse within America’s largest Protestant body . . . cheered repentant statements and bold plans for policy changes from SBC president J. D. Greear last week, only to see his recommendations largely turned down by part of the SBC’s Executive Committee days later." - Christianity Today

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