Fans boycott viral comic creator after learning he's pro-life

"In the age of outrage, it’s not hard to be problematic. And a vaguely pro-life tweet must have been just what the strife-seeker was looking for." - Washington Examiner

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It's worked out great for Nathan Pyle. Sometimes "any publicity is good publicity."

As for the comic strip, it's -- as they say in the South -- a hoot. A mix of language-based humor (talking in high-level categories instead of particulars... and odd synonyms for the particulars) from beings that have very little understanding of anything they're doing. At times, they seem to have very little understanding of themselves either... and no grasp whatsoever of the human culture they're in. (Reminds me of the animated movie Home in many ways.) 

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People on the left are taking offense at a many being glad his girlfriend wasn't slaughtered.  A reminder that abortion ends the lives of people who otherwise might have become beautiful, wonderful human beings capable of loving and being loved is deemed an offence by those whose devotion to this reproductive "freedom" apparently knows no bounds.

Just.boggles.the.mind.  Those attacking this guy should be wearing their "Baphomet" statuettes so we can recognize them at a glance.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.