Are Christians Hypocrites? 10 Surprising Realities About Christians and President Trump

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Another article that misses the point.

"Why did a record 81% of evangelical Christians vote for Donald Trump in the 2016 election?"

The obvious answer is rarely given. The options were Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. One of the two would be president. I know some chose to stay home or write-in some other name. But if evangelicals wished to have a say in the outcome, they had choose between one of these two candidates. Trump was morally corrupt. But Clinton was also morally corrupt, plus politically corrupt, and even considered criminally corrupt. So of the two, evangelicals considered Trump the less corrupt and the one more likely to advance conservative ideals. Many voted for him with the hope that he would be helped by Mike Pence and conservatives around him.

Voters also perceived there was zero chance Clinton would appoint a conservative to the open Supreme Court seat, while Trump had promised he would appoint a conservative--a promise he kept. That alone was huge.