A reckless moment, a horrific loss and a father's quest for atonement

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  • It's routine in January and February 
  • Ice in channels (where water is flowing) is normally thin
  • If a lake has springs ... ice over the spring can be thin (depending on flow)
  • On day after church ... I drove onto Medicine Lake with my Impala (and drove S to N). Wife was in a panic and forbade me
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*** Moderator note ***

  • This was not posted to be "red meat" for the next Total Abstinence / Moderation ok (two wines , etc)) debate;
    • Since we all agree that drunkenness is sin (and folly)
    • And driving on thin ice is not wise
  • It's a very powerful story about one man's tragic mistake


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Now if only there was an indication of saving faith there.  Hope I missed something here for obvious reasons.  One thing that strikes me as well is that since they were able to keep their home in a fairly spendy area, one would have to guess that his employer worked with him on those 100 tellings of his story.  That can also be a critical part of repentance--making it something someone can work through instead of a "shoot the wounded" type of thing.

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