Would Someone Please Rein in Some of the “Young Calvinists?”

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Olsen applauds himself for being careful to correctly represent Calvinists.  He also admits that he could discover no misrepresentations of Arminianism sourced in Calvinist leaders such as Piper, Grudem, and Horton.  But he has numerous anecdotal stories of young followers of these leaders who misrepresented Arminianism.

Perhaps we should scour the students of Olsen to see if we can discover any who misrepresented Calvinism.  I can offer Olsen a boat load of personal experiences of Arminians who seriously misrepresented and maligned me.  I would advise Olsen to develop a thicker skin, and recognize that young and immature students usually misrepresent others.  That's the nature of being young and immature.  Yes, it is appropriate to call them out, but only if you are equally diligent to call out the young whipper snappers of your own party.  Otherwise, it seems that you are too prickly, and unable to fairly evaluate these competing positions dispassionately.  Methinks Olsen protesteth overly much.

G. N. Barkman