On the 10th Anniversary of the Death of Terri Schiavo

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I think the whole Terri Schiavo furor was a lot of misinformation provided to Christians, who took up a cause they knew little about.

The problem I see is that we are focused so much on trying to extend life and that so many people have viewed this is as a Biblical mandate, they put themselves in a quandry when they try to act as a god, but can't handle the consequences.

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It is a feud, to some degree, over principle. Michael Schiavo says Terri should be allowed to die because she told him long before she was stricken that she would never want to be kept alive by a feeding tube or other such measures. The Schindlers say their son-in-law is starving Terri to death. They want to keep her alive and try to rehabiliate her.

But it also appears to be a fight over money — how a $1 million malpractice settlement Schiavo won 13 years ago over Terri's care should be spent.

Without that emotional public schism, the Schiavo case might simply have been one of thousands of wrenching family decisions about life and death that unfold quietly every year.