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It strikes me that if a pastor is going to have a missions-minded church, and if communication is a HUGE deal for missionaries (having been a summer missionary, I agree!), then perhaps a great way to get started would be to make a habit of regular communication with members, deacons, staff, and the like.  It's not just a church issue, but I've had cases where I didn't hear "boo" from the pastor except for reproof and asking for help.  The church seriously needs to re-learn how to sit down for no particular reason and chat.

Armed with the habit of taking care of his own mission, I think most pastors will then do a much better job taking care of foreign missionaries.

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I have found Dr. Straub's series of article on this topic very encouraging and helpful. He's on his third article now, which was just posted at Central's site earlier this afternoon. 

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.

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I think this article misses the point entirely.  From my experience it starts with taking a trip to some difficult field like St. Thomas or maybe even Italy.  Have the missionary meet you at the airport.  Ask for the pastor to give you tours of the mission field.  In this example it may include taking a trip to Venice on the first day, maybe on the second day go to Florence and then on to Milan.  To really capture the essence of the field, you take a trip through Tuscany checking out the locals.  This will give you a clear feeling of this difficult field.  Make sure that you take lots of photos with the missionary and you on a maybe a gondola going through the canals of Venice.  Maybe a photo of the sweeping hills and valleys of Tuscany.  Make sure you post them on facebook so that the congregation can also get a feel of the work at hand.  Maybe even include a good verse like the hills are white unto harvest under the photo of the wine country of Tuscany.  You will need to attend a service on that Sunday, and then fly back to the States.  This is what is needed.  I have seen it work countless times on facebook.