A Prayer for Working From Home

"When the time comes for me to close the laptop, turn off the lights, and exit the email, empower me to want to do this all again tomorrow. Help me see what you see in my work." - TGC

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A reminder that some find it very difficult to work at home. For me, it's almost all positives. I'm on my second week of full time WAH. I miss live interaction at the office, but a couple days of that week of that would be enough. And we have teleconferencing of some sort or other almost every day.

When it comes to group decision making, I've found that sometimes that's easier in person, sometimes harder. It depends on the group and the question. But again, with teleconferencing, we're not losing much.

Probably the biggest downside is lack of exercise. If I remember to even put my step counter on, I realize that WAH tends to result in almost no moving around during the day. So there is some discipline involved in getting up and walking around inside the house "for no reason" several times during a shift. And then, weather permitting, getting outside and around the block a time or two.

It tends to result in sleeping better, among other benefits!

Views expressed are always my own and not my employer's, my church's, my family's, my neighbors', or my pets'. The house plants have authorized me to speak for them, however, and they always agree with me.

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Aaron I'll be remembering you Bert Mark and all the others in prayer as they work from home.  I never worked from home in any regular way.  So I can't make any comment about it.  I quit my part time job delivering car parts for a Nissan Dealership due to my lungs being compromised and the County I live in is the epicenter of the Coronavirus in PA.  

Im a bit of a couch patato so that's driving my wife nuts.  Im also a Coke addict meaning RC Pepsi or Coca Cola.  The only thing I can say if the Lord calls me home via the Coronavirus will someone tell  Bert to  help my wife roll me into the hole she dug out back for me.  Also spread a little lime on me to.  Tell Bert he might be in for 10% of my life insurance as a tip for his services ie 40 Gs.