Physicist Marceio Gleiser Wins Templeton Award

Agnostic Marcelo Gleiser "famously blasted scientists who do not consider religious beliefs when they explain the universe’s origins. He terms such attitudes as 'arrogant.'" - WRN

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He is important in the sense that the media is putting the full court press on "deniers" and that all of us must believe them. I work for a secular newspaper and that's what I see on my AP news feed all day long. 

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In Alvin Plantinga's  Where the Conflict Really Lies, he makes a brief case for identifying naturalism ("methodological naturalism") as a "quasi-religion," having just about all of the characteristics of a religion. (But Plantinga conspicuously avoids overstatement, so... "quasi" and "perhaps" is his language.)

What we have in the west now is a kind of science+naturalism orthodoxy and if you even question it, you're treated like a heretic. (Except in your private personal life, where you're allowed to believe in the supernatural?) I don't know if Gleiser has experienced much at the hands of the Inquisitors yet, but he is definitely a questioner of the orthodoxy. It's nice to see.