Evidence of improper voting raises questions about Methodist gay clergy vote

"The review was prompted by an inquiry from The New York Times, which reported that at least four ballots were cast by individuals who were not authorized to do so, pointing primarily to irregularities among a handful of delegates from Africa from the pool of more than 800 delegates at the conference." - RNS

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You've got theological liberals, who also tend to be political liberals, concerned about whether people were actually qualified to vote.  Who would have ever thunk it?  Except for the cynic in me that says that yes, no principle is safe when the left wants to get what they want.

At this point, what I see is the NY Times suggested four votes were in doubt--it would take about 30 votes to switch the result--and hence a review was commissioned which appears to have verified at least a portion of that.

But really, that's not the issue that I see.  What I see is that African Methodists, as well as those from "flyover country" here in the U.S., are positioned against urban and university Methodists of the USA, and until they decide to part ways, it is going to be a knock-down, drag-out fight that might end up destroying the denomination in toto.  The best way out is to simply part ways, and once again, my take is that the liberals will, if this happens, learn the hard way that the evangelicals were protecting them from their own excesses.  If they part ways, I give the liberal wing about a decade before 95% of their churches are either shuttered or sold to real churches.

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