Do We Really Need to Keep Singing Hymns?

"Young people today (I include myself in this group) aren’t looking for something new. They aren’t looking for something relevant. We’re looking for something true. Something ancient." - C. Leaders

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I don't know if he's right about what young people want, but he's got a lot right about our times... (but expert should be in quotes).  I can identify. In my late twenties I turned a corner and went from strong interest in something fresher and better than what I grew up to something older and more enduring than either what I grew up with or "fresher and better." Seminary probably had a lot to do with that. The study of church history in particular. But college certainly helped: the study western civilization in particular.

I remember being frustrated that the biblical fundamentalist movement was so backward looking. I eventually decided it actually wasn't looking backward far enough.

The lifespan of an expert is about as short. Everyone thinks they have something to say and will scratch and claw to build a platform to say it. Another bestselling author can rise in the time it takes to froth a Latte. And they’re gone before you finish your cup. Rich, thoughtful, timeless truths are so hard to come by.

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