Central Seminary Announces New Logos Initiative!

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Brilliant idea! A Regent University communications PhD just released his dissertation in which he surveyed multiple pastors on sermon preparation style. I was skimming his "best practices" summary and in the Bible study section purchasing Logos Bible software was item number 1 in that section.

I use Logos software heavily and wonder how much more of a "power user" I would be today if I had used it in concert with a class full of seminary students. Logos strikes me in a similar manner as photoshop to photographers. Every person has his own way of using various features to get to the same end result. But to be able to have someone next to you using it on a daily basis and to be able to compare notes would be a huge advantage.

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Awesome!  LOGOS is a great tool for Bible reading, Bible study, and sermon preparation.

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After owning logos for years, and PAYING FOR IT many times for upgrades...yuk!

I still prefer holding a book to scan it, underline, etc. I just can't write a paper from an on-line book. I need the book in front of me on the table. I can do sermon prep and reference work, but not the heavy reading.


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Jim, with an academic discount, you can get it from Logos for $19.21.

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It's nice that their students will have a good digital library from the start. I hope this "complimentary" library is provided by a donor rather than by raising tuition rates. I know several pastors, teachers, and missionaries who use Logos regularly and love it. Personally, I like BibleWorks and have used it since I was mobilized to Kuwait during my M.Div. studies. I wish more Bible colleges and Seminaries would better integrate the proper use of study tools into their curriculum. That's something I've been trying to emphasize in our Bible institute here in Togo. If this is integrated correctly and well used by the professors, it could have a tremendous positive impact on the efficacy of the courses at Central. It could significantly enhance the value of each course. Hopefully we will hear some feedback from students and profs after a year or two.

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APW - No tuition increase for the inclusion of Logos. The funds are being raised by the seminary. Whoever had this idea there (I first heard it from Matt Morrell), it is brilliant! A real help to students and future pastors.

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I wish they would offer it to graduating students (at all degree levels) that do not yet have the program (or the $$$ to pay for it).