Mississippi Passes Bill To Ban Biological Males From Competing Against Women

"If we do not move to protect female sports from biological males who have an unfair physiological advantage, we will eventually no longer have female sports" - Daily Wire

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My guess here is that since the Supreme Court just held that Title VII protects homosexuals and transsexuals in employment (6-3, two "conservatives" included), they're going to probably do the same with Title IX, which deals with education.  The next round of lawsuits will likely be what extent of transition is required to count as "trans" for this.

The first big question affects us all; how many people who are not "trans", but are or should be on Megan's List for sex crimes, will use these rulings to go into women's locker rooms and wreak havoc?

Second big question is to what extent we'll find that male anatomy is a significant advantage, even without the advantage of testosterone.  An interesting hint is given by Olympic level track and field world records.  All of the womens' sprint WRs (100-800m) date from before 1990, but are still about 10% slower than the mens' WRs.  1990 is when the IOC and NCAA really decided to get serious about drug testing.  However, when you compare the women's "steroid era" WRs to post-steroid era (harder to escape detection) times, the difference is only about 1-2%.

In other words, in track and field, the big driver of fast times is male anatomy, not testosterone.  So if a lot of "trans" people in their lifetime athletic prime compete as women, we're either going to learn that there are corollary disadvantages to a "trans" person when testosterone is removed, or we're going to find out that elite competition is going to look very, very different.

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Since men outweigh women on average by about 15-20%, I can envision people getting hurt in competition, especially in contact sports like hockey, basketball, softball, and soccer.  I can also envision off field conflict as those who love female athletes who get hurt "take that conflict off the field of play."  

Regarding the differences between the sexes, the swimming results from the "steroid era" bear this out as well.  They're not quite as stark as those in track & field, but again, the reality is that while excessive testosterone does make "juicers" faster than women, it does not make them as fast as the male elite swimmers.  So the standard hypothesis most are offering now--that apart from testerosterone, there isn't a difference--isn't obviously supported by a look at historic times in track & field and swimming.  It may yet turn out to be true for reasons I don't understand yet, but it's not obvious.

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I doubt few women will convert to men to play contact sports.

The main issue is post-puberty men switching to women sports. They will have the anatomical abvantages.