“Mom, I Want to Be a She” – How would you respond?

"Here’s that moment we should be ready for as a parent. No, not just gender identity, but also, 'Mom, I don’t know if I believe in God,' or, 'Mom I’m pregnant'… the list is endless. But the question is, how do you respond in that exact moment? Here’s where I would encourage parents to consider four helpful practices." - Jonathan McKee

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What issues we have to deal with in our day!  On the positive side, the article pointed out that a lot of the desire to change genders comes from social influence.  This article seemed to be more about preventing suicide than leading one's family members into a godly path.

This whole issue is very challenging to address.   I am not sure what the ideal response is, but I can't say I am impressed with this one.  But, then again, this may be a no-win situation.

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As always, the Bible has everything we need to know how to deal with situations like this.

Obvious things:

1) Love. Always love. We are never allowed not to love.

2) Humility. We aren't any better than they, we are sinners with our own problems. In fact, since we are older, our flesh has had more time to grow in its corruption than theirs, so we are actually "worse" than they are - we've just learned how to conduct ourselves as adults to make ourselves look better (sometimes).

3) A willingness to ask for forgiveness. Even with our children. Because if they ask us this question, there are probably ways we have already failed as a parent, and so we need to recognize those failures and be willing to make course corrections, which will involve asking them to forgive us.

4) Kindness. We gain nothing and we only create more problems by being unkind. Listen, respectfully, give them an attentive ear, and respond with kindness.

The nuts and bolts of exactly what to say and when may be the most difficult part, but I do not believe there are any canned answers that will fit every situation. But if we find ourselves in this situation, only a Spirit-filled Christian will respond rightly.

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