Can a Christian Party Survive?

"Growth in the religiously unaffiliated is a demographic catastrophe for a GOP that only speaks to the faithful."

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Can the republic as a whole survive a secular citizenry?  Let's keep in mind that Europe is imploding, and the forcibly secular societies of the world--the old Warsaw Pact, China, Cuba, etc..--are rightly noted for the nastiest atrocities the world has ever seen.    So I'm going to make no apologies for acknowledging Biblical morality in my politics.  It's got some nice benefits even for those we (sadly) won't see in Heaven.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.

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The Tea Party although made up of some Libertarians portrayed itself as the a sub party of the Republican Party representing conservative believers.  This party was hijacked by people portraying themselves as representing the true American Christian family way of life. The Tea Party and the Family Research Counsel championed Gothard and the Duggers. I think any Pastor who was involved with Gothard should get on his knees and ask his Lord for his forgiveness for allowing a satanic cult inside his church and then the Pastor should ask the forgiveness of his flock for backing such a Satanic man and not seeing a wolf in sheeps clothing in his flock.   Now back to the Tea Party.  The leadership of this group embraced a cult as their example and championed this cult.  This group and the easily mislead Christians who bought into this act dominated the Tea Party to include some Legislators and Governors.  As an example Congressman Daniel Webster who seems to be the informal leader of the Freedom Caucus, has been a Gothardite for 20 to 30 years and has many Gothardites in his staff.  Governor Huckabee is up to his armpits with Gothard and still defends the Duggers for being real Godly people.   Huckabee gave Gothard and his ministry wholesale access to Arkansas prisons and juvenile youths in corrections centers.  Well like father like son the head of this ministry has been arrested for getting sexual favors from women prisoners and other staff members are also accused.  The FBI has now joined this investigation.  So based on this,  the Tea Party needs to be tossed or greatly reformed and after the results of the Gothard  lawsuit come in they need to in a very very public way denounce GOTHARD the DUGGER and the BATES as not being as an example of a American Christian family since their whole way of Christianity is based on an extreme lie.   Now all this said a sub party under the umbrella of the Republicans representing all believers ie Fundamental Baptists, Southern Baptists and other evangelical Christians with a standard core of beliefs and a real plan to bring are country back I say absolutely.  I would join such an initiative.  All the wiz bang plans that people like Trump and Hillary bring to the table  won't work or make our country successful.  Right now we are like Rome and are on our way out and Rome lasted and heck of a lot longer then we will the way things are going.