Blood Moons, Bible Prophecy, and the Integrity of the Bible

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Hal Lindsey is currently married to his fourth wife, having divorced his previous three. On the back cover of the sixth printing of his 1974 book, There's a New World Coming, is a picture of Lindsey with his second wife, Jan. (Jan is the mother of Hal's three grown daughters.) He also dedicates the book to "my best pal, my wife Jan ..." However, "best pal" Jan is gone from the back cover of the book's 1984 "updated" edition, as is the dedication to her. A later Lindsey' book, Planet Earth--2000 A.D. (18 million in circulation as of 1/95), carries a picture of Hal and his third wife, Kim, who is approximately 25 years his junior. (Kim is the sister of author Johanna Michaelsen, and the sister-in-law of Tetelestai Center's Associate Pastor, Randy Michaelsen.) After dumping Kim, Hal is now married to wife #4, JoLyn, a member of Tetelestai and in a Bible class taught by Lindsey when she was evidently "discovered" by Hal.

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[and I am pre-trib / pre-mil]

There are a lot of preachers / teachers who have done serious damage to the doctrine. I was sucked in by Late Great  Planet Earth in my youth

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I'm not sure if you wrote that or quoted that about Hal. In either case, just because Hal isn't really an expert in say ...... marriage ...... doesn't mean that he may not have some valuable prophetic information ...... right? (Actually Hal seems to be good at getting married.....but apparently struggles staying married). No one is perfect Jim. I mean consider Solomon, he had a thousand wives/concubines ...... and he wrote Scripture!

Don't be so narrow! Smile

Straight Ahead!


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Yes, Jim -- just forget that whole "by their fruits you shall know them" bit in scripture.

Hal Lindsey could be a sweet transvestite and it wouldn't matter.  God would still be revealing His plans to Hal.

That's why people like Lindsey are called Profits of God.

Come on, Jim -- get with it!  Don't be so narrow!