Lifeway: Most pastors see racial diversity in the church as a goal but not reality

"A new study conducted by Nashville-based Lifeway Research surveyed 1,000 Protestant pastors to learn their views on race and racial reconciliation in the church." - BPNews

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I am definitely not an expert on this issue.  I continue to ask questions because it makes no sense to me at all to be separated over race, but I cannot help but wonder if part of the reason is that people tend to gather with others that we have a lot in common with.  We are a very small church plant, but it is amazing that even within our small group, I don't think any of the guys has an interest in sports and all like talking about cars.  Although I know little about sports, I would definitely welcome someone who likes sports to be part of our congregation.  In fact, I think the diversity would be good so that if others who liked sports came they would have someone to talk to about that subject.  I cannot just "make it happen" though I can make sure we are loving and welcoming to all.

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I think JD Miller has the right perspective.  "Attracting" people of a different race is not easy, and certainly not automatic just because you have a genuine desire to do so.  It takes effort, patience, but more than that, it takes the work of God's Spirit to draw them to your ministry.  When they are drawn by the Word, color becomes far less important.  But when God draws some of another color, it makes it easier for others of that same color to come.  Like it or not, skin color matters, even though it shouldn't.  But Christ and the gospel matter more.  Be patient, be prayerful, and see what God will do.

G. N. Barkman