Last-ditch effort aims to stop D.C. assisted suicide

"A congressional committee has taken the first step in a fast-track effort to prevent the legalization of physician-assisted suicide in the nation's capital." BPress

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It strikes me that what DC needs overturned is not the assisted suicide act, but rather the "Assisted Homicide Act" they passed back in 1975 which prohibits most non-government employees from owning a firearm.  Long past time for Congress to pass a shall-issue concealed carry bill which recognizes Virginia and Florida permits.  

I am no friend of euthanasia, mind you, but the bill described here avoids some of the worst abuses by requiring the patient be diagnosed as terminally ill, and also requires the patient to sign in the presence of two witnesses with concurring doctors.  They are not allowing the heirs to off their benefactors here.   DC does a lot of silly things, but this is nowhere near the worst.

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