Koresh, Bible prophecies and the tragedy of Waco

"The tragedy led to Congressional hearings, creating massive amounts of reference materials -- including recordings of Koresh and others. The "Waco" miniseries also drew inspiration from books by David Thibodeau, a Branch Davidian convert who survived, and Gary Noesner, a key FBI negotiator." Daily Press

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To this day, I am troubled by this, particularly by the actions of the FBI and BATFE.  Too many things were "misplaced"; the front door (which would have shown who started firing), videotapes of the conflict, cameras used to monitor the conflict, etc..  When John Danforth "proved" that the FLIR cameras couldn't detect muzzle flash, he used the wrong gun (M-16 vs. Mini-14) and wrong ammo (low flash ammo).  When every "mistake" tends to undercut questioning of their official line, you've got to start asking whether these "mistakes" were indeed accidental. 

Mattingly argues, compellingly in my view, that a lot of the issue lies with simply dehumanizing the Branch Davidians.  If you believe they're brain dead and won't negotiate effectively, you're going to behave very differently than if you believe they're rational.  It makes a difference.

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