Christian Missions in the Third Millennium

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They have so many rooms (b/c it's also a Chrisitan school) that they have a Chinese and a Hispanic church meeting simultaneously on Sunday mornings. The Hispanic church was started by former/retired missionaries to South America. Now they are self-functioning. It's been neat to watch them reaching out and doing their own evangelism.


Our church also started an ESL outreach/classes on Monday nights, and they have a lot of nationalities coming to that. They have lesson, then break/snack/devotional, then lesson. It's been wonderful.

I know of missionaries who just moved to Bulgaria so they can reach Turkish students--Bulgaria is a popular place to study internationally.

It is neat stuff. There are whole communities in Kiev, too. Vitaliy's witnessed in the African sector, we've had visitors from the Arab-Christian church visit our church, too. It's great.