How Church Relevance is Boring

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It strikes me that when I was a nonbelieving college student back at Michigan State, I knew that I should wear a suit (real wool in my case, woo hoo!), but what I didn't know about was the love of the brothers and sisters in Christ.  I agree with the author that concentrating on the cultural cues gets really, really tiring, no matter who it's being done by.  

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I can hardly find a church anywhere that has pews, organ music, leisure suits, classical music, etc. Those old traditional stereotypes hardly exist anymore. Now, it really is boring with the contemporary approach.

One church in our area says that what you can expect is: eat some donuts and coffee, band will play (loud), great message from the pastor, send you off with more music.

How boring, unimaginative, unoriginal, unthoughtful and bland. 

The contemporary service is now the new traditional that you can find just about everywhere.

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If Seeker-sensitive churches want to be very different from more traditional churches, they have a right to positively state those differences.  But they have no right to put down their brothers and sisters in Christ who are doctrinally similar but take a different approach. Shame on them!

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