The 10 Most Popular Worship Songs in Churches Last Year Were ...

"Pat Barrett’s song Build My Life and Hillsong Worship’s What a Beautiful Name were the most popular worship songs within churches in 2019...Faithlife Proclaim, a church presentation software from Faithlife, released data Wednesday showing the most popular worship songs of 2019 from the users of the software." - Christian Headlines

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There are only two on the list I've ever even heard. ...Somehow I'm not worried about that.

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I know five of the songs that we sing here.  Some of these are not typical 7-11 songs (seven words sung 11 times), so that is very encouraging.


"The Midrash Detective"

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I know six of them....shame on me!  Seriously, some are OK, some are pretty bad, all of them would be improved by Michael Anthony on bass.

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