Science, technology, and why the west has become anti-historical

"Many people today understand science to be the only way to achieve objective knowledge. When we reject the notion that truth is available through Scripture or anything else, we are left only with the narrative of science, which assumes that the present is superior to the past and the future will be superior to the present." - Challies

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A sort of weirdly hopeful exception is the phenomenon of dystopian popular fiction... in which the future is far, far worse than the present. I sometimes enjoy this sort of fiction as the sort of anti-Trek view of future human achievement.

So, there are contradictions in our culture. The adoration of science has been around long enough that many find satisfaction in narratives that turn that upside down (and some of these writers are people who, themselves, do science, or have in the past... they know enough about science to know what it can't deliver.)

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