A Few Thoughts on Worship

"During the week, how much time do you think you personally spend in worship? When you attend church, how often do you actually worship?" - P&D

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A lot of good thoughts in the post, but they are mostly concerning the quality of worship, not the definition. What worship is is really not complicated--and it's not particularly easy to attend church and fail to worship. It is pretty easy for the quality of worship to fall short. 

By quality I mean how engaged we are, mindset, how much we consciously mean it, the content, etc.

So the binary to avoid is thinking that your worship is either near perfect or it's not worship.

We need to avoid superficial worship. We also need to avoid creating the impression that if we don't feel feels we haven't worshipped. It doesn't work that way.

And there is such a thing as objective worship: what an act means regardless of what the person doing it intends it to mean. But this is not what Christians are supposed to do. It's mind and heart and action, all three. But "heart" doesn't mean you have to have the right feelings or you haven't worshipped. It means your desire and intent need to be right.

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