Media Reports “Around 1,000” People Attend DC March for Life

"Photos and time-lapse footage clearly show many thousands(an estimated 100,000—some say two to three times that number) showed up for this annual rally in DC for the unborn." - AiG

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Until the Covington High School story erupted, I saw absolutely no mention of the annual Right to Life rally in the news.  It was ignored as if if did not happen.  Then, the Covington students were castigated for their supposed mocking of an American Indian while attending the Right to Life rally in Washington, DC.  Hmmm.  What rally?  While the news was filled with reports on the Women's March, there was a virtual shut-out of the Right to Life activity.  And the Main Stream Media wonders why people think they might be biased?

G. N. Barkman

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CNN repeated the USA today story which said over a thousand attended the rally.   USA Today then changed the wording to Several thousand. Todd Stearns used the phrase "about a thousand" which wasn't the exact phrase that CNN and USA today said.  However, these mainstream media outlets were still hundreds of thousands of people off, which shows their bias and sloppy journalism with the Pro-life community.