“One of the most important philosophers of our day died last weekend, and almost no one noticed.”

"Conservatism, simply, is the philosophy that in every sphere of life there are transcendent and foundational principles of order to which society must conform in order to both survive and flourish. These transcendent principles, which manifest in fixed, natural laws, preserve culture from the chaos that necessarily ensues from non-foundational philosophies such as progressivism, individualism, democratism, and post-modernism." - Mark Snoeberger

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Roger Scruton was a great philosopher and sane man of letters.  His works on Aesthetics are outstanding, as is his work on "modern" philosophers.  In his "Intelligent Person's Guide to Philosophy" he writes as an agnostic, but it appears he came to believe that God exists, but I'm not sure he was a Christian. 

Interestingly, in his book "Gentle Regrets" he says that his imagination was sparked by his reading of 'Pilgrim's Progress'! 

He is a great loss.    

Dr. Paul Henebury

I am Founder of Telos Ministries, and Senior Pastor at Agape Bible Church in N. Ca.

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I'm thankful to Snoeberger for giving Scruton's passing some attention. I confess, I don't remember ever hearing of him before. He wrote a boatload of books on topics I'm interested in. 

Paul, thanks for the tip also on Gentle Regrets.