Christian movie theme song’s Oscar nod befuddles Hollywood elite

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Another example of a "Christian" song that is so vague anyone can interpret it anyway they please. It is another like "You light up my life".

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Gotta disagree .. While it may not be chock full of doctrine .. it's no where near the fluff piece of "You light up my life" 


The one thing that surprise me when I looked it up on youtube was that Joni Erikson Tada sang it .. Her voice was quite pretty!

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It definitely doesn't name the "his" or "him" by name, does it? One could just as easily attribute this song to the Maitreya if they wanted to. Sad


However, any day that "Hollywood's Elite" are befuddled ( and something that even hints at naming the Lord slips by them ), could be construed as a good day, IMO.

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I think the lyrical content is acceptable as part of a movie.  It might seem watered down as a stand alone song. But if He or Him is clear from the story, then the song is undergirding that...which in a film is probably best.  Music in film is not supposed to be the message, but add texture.  

It's a nice song. Made my wife cry (movies are all about emotion, so I guess it worked). Joni sings it beautifully.  I will be very, very surprised if it wins.  Everyone seems to feel Frozen has restored Disney musical animation to the heady days of Beauty and the Beast.  But the Lord has ordained some unexpected Academy wins in the past that brought honor to Him. 

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"The Bible is filled with stories of God picking ill-equipped, unskilled people for places of great influence – that’s how I feel, me, a quadriplegic, singing an Academy Award nominated song....People Magazine posted the video of me singing the song and offering up a prayer in the beginning. In that prayer I’m speaking of the Lord’s power in my life. And to think of how many people will see that. God did that. I’m excited.”  (Source

I rarely get excited when I see the words "Hollywood" and "Christian/Bible" movie (or whatever) in the same sentence--I mean, like, never. But this appears to be a sweet grace of God truly at work. Joni's the real deal, and whomever comes in contact with her (however that may play out) will see just that.  Gospel integrity.  The movie looks like it might be decent too.  The video of the song and the song itself are worth the watch/listen.  It's not the full on gospel calling people to repent but, well,  context is key :) 

I'm calling this a 'Praise God' :~)