Evangelicals and Hollywood Muck

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Interesting read except for the complete lack of Scripture in his thinking.  If we're struggling with something so serious, why not shoot a glance toward the Book!

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Every time I read a discussion like this I come away with another question.  Do any Christian leaders ever consider that Philippians 4:8 might just have something to do with what a believer thinks on?  It seems so simple and so timeless. 

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Actually, while I am disappointed with Trevin's very lame musings on film and morality, the comments section is bristling with great content!

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The mature Christian would never ask the question “why shouldn’t I [insert questionable activity here]?” but rather would ask “why should I [insert questionable activity here]?” The first question suggests a bent toward claiming the right to exercise liberty, while the second question probes for a deeper purpose in the activity. Simply put, there should be a doulosological reason for everything the Christian does. That is, as a slave (doulos) of Jesus Christ, the believer lives out life under the already-made decision to give up all rights, take up his cross and follow Jesus in a death march. So with all the Scriptural warnings applicable to Christians, the natural response for the Christian to questionable activity should be erring on the side of caution, and finding a purpose in the activity that brings glory to Christ. Any activity that must be defended by a high-handed exercise of our liberty and avoidance of Biblical principles is an activity where we lay down our cross, get out of line, and begin casting slurs at those still in the death march.

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Rom. 16:19 (ESV) "For your obedience is known to all, so that I rejoice over you, but I want you to be wise as to what is good and innocent [simple] as to what is evil."

Appears to me that it hurts the cause of Christ very little if His people spend their time inundating themselves in "good" and are less than cutting edge on the "evil" that is prevalent in most societies which is so aptly portrayed as normal by our media culture.