"How well will this Catholic concern for the common good appeal to evangelicals?"

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RD is often (always?) looking at things from a far left perspective... the Liberal groupthink in this one is pretty glaring.

  • Mt. Everest sized false disjunction: you have to either care about evangelical interests or care about the common good (because these don't go together at all)
  • Oblivion on presidential history: Presidents and candidates have talked this way about the common good in both parties for many decades... maybe for more than a century. (How long would it take to find it in Lincoln?)
  • Unabashedly assumes (but does not support) that by favoring Ted Cruz, Iowans clearly don't care about the "common good"

So the whole thing makes perfect sense if you do a good bit of equivocating on what "common good" means, generally leaning toward something like this: "common good" = the causes we on the left believe to be best for everyone.

As for the video, haven't seen it yet... don't see any problem w/the parts quoted.