Abortion clinics have declined in the U.S., but pill providers have increased

"Operation Rescue released the report Tuesday....finds that the number of surgical abortion clinics in the United States has dropped by over 35% from 713 facilities in 2009 to 458 facilities in 2020." Clinics providing drug-induced abortions went from 131 facilities in 2009 to 248 facilities in 2020. - CPost

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Really, my "broken record" thoughts for this is that this illustrates exactly why Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby fight tooth and nail against regulations and subsidy cuts; the economics of abortion simply do not support clinics outside of big cities and a few D1 college towns.   Just a few more "nudges" and we lose a few hundred more clinics, really, and that's why our fights are so bitter and go to the highest courts.

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