John MacArthur Made ‘The Essential Church’ To Make Some Pastors ‘Feel Guilty’

“During a screening of the film, MacArthur told attendees that he wanted to produce something that ‘would show how the Lord blesses those who are faithful for the purpose of the future.’ He also ‘wanted some pastors and leaders to see this and feel guilty.’” - C.Leaders


As the years go on, I have slowly lost more and more respect for Dr. MacArthur. This is just another example, that seeks to puff him up and what he has done and tries to make others who are not aligned with his practice to feel guilty. Have no clue as to how this edifies the body of Christ. I don't understand those who seek persecution in order to bolster a view that they are closer to Christ.

I'm sure those surrounding JMac are trying to secure his legacy for future generations of Christians. While I may not agree with JMac on everything, I respect his faithfulness to the Word and his fundamentalist-like convictions on biblical issues.

When the evangelical world was debating the inerrancy of Scripture, JMac sounded the alarm. When the evangelical world was being deluged with easy believism, JMac sounded the alarm. When the evangelical world (including TGC) was fawning over celebrity pastors like Driscoll, JMac sounded the alarm. When the evangelical world was enraptured with charismatic revivals and nonsense, JMac sounded the alarm. When the evangelical world was acquiescing to government intrusion into the church, JMac sounded the alarm. At 84, JMac refuses to go gently into that good night. He rages and burns against the dying of the light.

Some would prefer he not be so vocal. Some would prefer he be more irenic. Some have sought to silence him. Some have sought to shame him by attaching his name to various scandals.

But, JMac continues to be faithful to the Word and to his biblical convictions. At the end of the day, I have to remember I won't answer to JMac and he won't answer to me (1 Cor. 4:1-5).

Dgszweda wrote (and got me thinking):

As the years go on, I have slowly lost more and more respect for Dr. MacArthur.

A lot of Christian leaders hesitate to retire. So many, however, end up finishing poorly. Many of us men become grumpy old men and won’t admit it. Others make bad choices in frustration. MacArthur is saying things he regrets more than he used to, and his naturally confrontational personality (which has its strong points) is perhaps being affected by the natural processes of old age. Our brains are affected by aging and other body chemistry can work against us.

There is no shame in retiring from the pastorate or leading a school, etc. There is plenty of ministry to do in retirement, perhaps less in the limelight. But sometimes you have to leave the battles for the younger men who have are better at looking at the consequences and the realities of modern society — since they have to face them a whole lot longer and have to live with their younger peers and raise their children in the present and future. IMO, we need more men to gracefully retire and step aside, like Samuel did when Saul was chosen as king. He was still there for the Lord to use him (like when he anointed David), but was otherwise out of the limelight.

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