Who Is the Most Pro-Life President in History?

"The assertion [that Trump is the most pro-life president in modern times] has become one of the most unexamined talking points in pro-life activism. But is it true? And, more importantly, does it matter?" - TGC

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Clearly, he does not factor in the extreme pro-abortion position of Hillary Clinton. Once you factor in the millions of abortions that would certainly have resulted from her election, President Trump wins by a landslide.

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The writer of this article failed to mention the most meaningful way in which a President influences abortion policy:  The appointment of federal judges.  On this score, President Trump has done extremely well.

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The question was how Trump compares to other pro-life presidents. Hillary's view is kind of changing the subject, though the author of the TGC piece does address that topic later in the post. Likewise the matter of judges.

For instance, some may complain that my list of criteria doesn’t include appointment of federal judges or Supreme Court justices. But the last four Republican presidents have appointed as many pro-life judges as they could, and the question of which justices will overturn Roe remains to be seen. Similarly, we could come up with other criteria to ensure our preferred candidate won the title. But does it really matter?

In one sense, the claim is unimportant to anyone but activists seeking to curry favor with the latest political regime. It’s not even clear that the activists making the claim believe it’s true. When George W. Bush was still in power, Fr. Pavone claimed Bush was the “most pro-life president that we have ever had.” I suspect Pavone will make the same claim about the next Republican president. But that is, ironically, why the claim is significant: any generic Republican president is the “most pro-life” when compared to Democratic presidents.

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Hillary's view is kind of changing the subject,

Not at all. She was the alternative. We were going to get Hillary's view or Trump's view. Which was the better view?

A third view in this election was not (and will not be) an option. I would love to have a third option. But it isn't there. I think you are distracting from the real issue which is options.