Perry Noble says he never thought he would pastor again, announces new Second Chance campus

“seven years after he was fired from NewSpring Church in South Carolina for alcohol abuse and other ‘unfortunate choices and decisions,’ Perry Noble is thanking God for allowing him back into the megachurch space” - CPost


He disqualified himself by several of his actions/behavior. Typical of modern Evangelicalism.

Wally Morris
Huntington, IN

What's worth noting is that at least one of the other issues is divorce from his first wife. Reading a couple of articles about Noble, it appears that the issue of drunkenness is entertwined with that of his marital issues.

We might posit that perhaps, trying to run too big of a ministry isolates both pastor and parishioners, and is antithetical to good shepherding. Noble's issues don't prove this, but they are one data point.

Aspiring to be a stick in the mud.