Keller, Carson Explain Why Tchividjian Was Asked to Leave Gospel Coalition

“… there has been an increasingly strident debate going on around the issue of sanctification. The differences were doctrinal and probably even more matters of pastoral practice and wisdom” CToday


A great read on the divide is Ian Murray’s Evangelicalism Divided. It covers more than that (as it ought), but is very helpful in understanding what was at stake. Murray’s Unresolved Controversy in Evangeliscalism booklet is also good. Murray’s biography of Lloyd-Jones gives DMLJ’s side of it, while the biographers of Stott and Packer offer their side. Perhaps one of the history buffs might give more light on this, but it seems to me, from what I’ve read, that Keller and Carson underplay the conflict somewhat. DMLJ and Stott had a very public clash about this issue at a conference, something significantly more charged up than the blog wars between TT and others (at TGC, Ref21, etc.).


Just who is the Gospel Coalition for anyway?

Re. Murray’s book. It’s alright, but Murray tends to be short-sighted in his criticism. As is often the case with Murray, he can be too partisan. There are plenty of FIEC’s etc in the UK who are not like MLJ in their affiliations and outlook.

Dr. Paul Henebury

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Since the conflict between DMLJ and Stott/Packer dates back to the 1960s, I would hope nobody thinks that the issues and positions have remained static for a half century or that DMLJ’s position then has much influence on anything now. For a review of Murray that points out some proper concerns about the book and his assessments, see Jeff Straub’s review of it in the Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal found here


Jeff did an excellent job in that review. He highlights the deficiencies in Murray’s book. It is still a valuable resource, but a clear “where do we go from here” is missing. I’d say the same critique is also true of the Unresolved Controversy booklet.

It seems like Carson and Keller are the major players in TGC, but its really not a coalition bounded by the gospel alone. As this episode shows, there are other parameters at play in the TGC paradigm. Not to mention blind eyes to errors on the part of Keller and others (at least as I understand their views).

Don Johnson
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