The nephew of notorious “faith healer” Benny Hinn pens a book: "Defining Deception"

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I would agree that Hinn and Wood probably have an "in" on some of the manipulative techniques used by Benny Hinn and the like, and that describing that will be valuable, but it simultaneously strikes me that the key issue with any version of prosperity theology is that if God really intended "your best life now", He owes a huge apology to the disciples and the early church, all of whom obviously did NOT enjoy a prosperous life here on this earth. 

Look forward to reviews when it comes out this month.

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These two authors, Costi and Tony, are friends of mine, and it's been encouraging to see their dramatic growth in good doctrine. Interestingly, their church, Mission Bible Church, joined the IFCA a few years ago. Tony grew up around conservative theology. But never came to Christ until after a time of rebellion. The Lord saved him in a charismatic ministry and that strongly shaped his theology for a long time. Costi grew up in the very extreme variety of things surrounding his uncle's ministry.

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