Texas defends dismemberment abortion ban

"To defend the Dismemberment Abortion Ban ... the state brought forward a wide array of compelling witnesses including abortionists, former abortionists, physicians, legal experts, bioethicists, public health experts, and others. Former abortionist Anthony Levatino, M.D., gave the court a brutal step-by-step explanation of the abortion procedure and his gut-wrenching personal conversion story that caused him to become a pro-life activist." BPNews

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It's worth noting here that what's being said is that the dominant methods of surgical abortion induce so much pain for the child being murdered that they ought to be banned.  Here's some NIH information about the developmental stages at which the unborn child can feel pain.

Really, the reason that Planned Infanticide is suing is because it would move abortion to the category of "things that really only a skilled obstetrician could do", and in doing so, it throws the entire financial model for readily available abortion out of whack.  Yes, I am saying that even with massive federal subsidies, abortion cannot survive without being done more or less as an abbatoir.  That is how close the whole thing is, financially speaking, to collapse.

Except, of course, that reputable butchers stun the animals before killing them, knowing that the release of adrenaline ruins the meat.  So no insult intended to butchers with my comment above.

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